We will put up a better copy of the layout but the first photo is of the layout of the two story rooms and the Event room around the courtyard of the Quality Inn.  All rooms to the interior of the courtyard[#165 - 188]  are the bottom selling rooms/suites and the rooms [#265 - 288] are the second floor sleeping rooms.  This layout is not to scale but gives you a good idea of the layout.

The Event Room final layout will be determined by the number of six foot and eight foot tables.  The room opens out into the courtyard facing the selling rooms.


Six foot ballroom tables - $600
Eight foot ballroom tales - $700
Selling Room Fee with 1 six foot table (2 beds) - $500
Selling Room Fee with 2 six foot tables (1 bed) - $800
Selling Suite Fee with 2 six foot tables - $1,000

The Selling Room/Suite Fees do not include the daily hotel room fees that are $99, $109 and $129 a night [plus tax]. I will provide the artist name to the hotel allowing you to book your room at the above special show rates.